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Dear Colleagues, Teammates, and Friends!

Today, on November 16, our wonderful sport celebrates its 81th birthday! I wish to congratulate everyone on this holiday!

The past year has become truly historic for SAMBO, as FIAS received provisional recognition of the International Olympic Committee on November 30, and today we celebrate the first birthday of SAMBO in the status of a federation that has become part of the global Olympic family!

It should be noted that the 43rd World SAMBO Championships staged in Cheongju, South Korea, were covered by a record number of media. Television companies from 68 countries, including the world's leading sports channel Eurosport, were broadcasting the central sporting event of the year on the FIAS calendar, which was a big step forward for the entire SAMBO world.

Today, numerous events dedicated to SAMBO Day, to the history of the sport's inception and development take place all over the world, including competitions, master classes, exhibitions, and meetings. This unique sport lets athletes grow strong and courageous, develop strong-willed character and determination, be able to protect themselves, their nearest and dearest, and their homeland. Indeed, SAMBO is not only a kind of martial arts but also a training system that promotes the development of goal-oriented qualities and the cultivation of high moral principles.


I wish you all excellent health, new sporting achievements, and victories in life!


The President of the International SAMBO Federation

Vasily B. Shestakov

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