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IFMA Heritage Spreads Around the World
Writer Admin Date 2020/03/19 Hit 456

Muaythai has truly become one of the most recognisable martial arts in the world, and as a sport gained a lot of popularity in more than 130 countries which are affiliated to IFMA. 

Achievements of muaythai under IFMA have been recognised by so many organisations including the IOC, and it was a long awaited moment when in 2016 all the work of the IFMA international office resulted in Olympic recognition for muaythai.

In 2015 IFMA released a book entitled “Muaythai Revelaed” with over 100 pages showcasing the highlights of its events, athletes, achievements, awards, social programmes and much more that muaythai has either been part of or organised. This book found its way to the bookshelves and coffee tables in offices around the world, giving its recipients and readers an insight to the world of muaythai, the world of IFMA.

It is a true hard copy museum of IFMA achievements with the strong emphasis on muaythai pillars: Honour, Respect, Excellence, Fair Play, Tradition.

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